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a political speech heavy on platitudinous political piety and short on sincere substance

BOMFOG is an acronym for “Brotherhood Of Man, under the Fatherhood Of God”, a quote from a 1941 radio broadcast by John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller used this phrase so frequently in his campaign speeches, that reporters began referring to his ‘BOMFOG speech’.

From The Rockefellers, in their own words… I Believe

In the news… Romney offers little beyond the same old platitudes


a pejorative term referring to a type of political rhetoric that employs coded language- with an explicit meaning for the general population, and an additional implicit one for a targeted subgroup of the speaker’s audience.

(The term is analogous to dog whistles, which produce high-frequencies inaudible to the human ear.)

IN THE NEWS: Romney Dog Whistle: Obama’s Philosophy Is ‘Foreign To The American Experience’


race-baiting : manipulating the racial beliefs of an audience to obtain a certain political objective

from New York Daily Times:
…race-baiting is still alive and well in its place of birth, the Democrat Party.

Case in point: Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden told a Virginia audience that included hundreds of black voters that Republicans and those who want to repeal new regulations on big banks, “They’re going to put y’all back in chains.”