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a political candidate’s selective overlooking or ignoring of actions and words that are inconsistent with his most current political position

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Obama fires up crowd in Virginia with ‘Romnesia’ speech (10/19/12)


At an unknown hour and day the Lord Jesus will descend from heaven, while remaining in the air, he will snatch his Bride, the Church, out from among this sinful world. Christ then takes the Church to heaven for the 7 year wedding feast. The earthly reason for the removal of the Church is to make way for the rise of Antichrist and to fulfill Daniel’s final 70th week.
(Mat 25:13), (1 Thes 4:16-18), (1 Cor 15:51-54)

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Right to Keep and Bear Arms


Abraham Lincoln, now one of our most revered presidents, was far from universally popular when he ran for the presidency in 1860. Many people, including some fellow Republicans, considered him an inexperienced country bumpkin. Opposition newspapers described him variously as “a third-rate backwoods lawyer,” “a man of few talents,” and “a fourth-rate lecturer who can’t speak good grammar.” The Democrats labeled him a “rail splitter,” a sneering reference to his early life as a farmer. They said, “We want a statesman, not a rail splitter, for president.” The attacks didn’t stop with Lincoln’s election. His enemies continued to fling insulting nicknames at him, such as Despot, Buffoon, Old Scoundrel, and Ignoramus Abe.


(Republican In Name Only) a pejorative term that refers to a Republican lawmaker or candidate whose political views or actions are considered insufficiently conservative or otherwise conforming to liberal positions

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a synonym for the Religious Right. The Religious Reich favors the death penalty and oppose abortion without exception. Generally regarded as puritanical zealots, the Religious Reich would like to erase many social advancements made by women, gays and lesbians over the last 100 years.



race-baiting : manipulating the racial beliefs of an audience to obtain a certain political objective

from New York Daily Times:
…race-baiting is still alive and well in its place of birth, the Democrat Party.

Case in point: Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden told a Virginia audience that included hundreds of black voters that Republicans and those who want to repeal new regulations on big banks, “They’re going to put y’all back in chains.”