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absenteeism among police officers or other unionized employees who claim to be off work sick but are in fact absent in support of union contract demands or negotiations: so called from police officers’ blue uniforms

Hawaii state, county knew of election “blue flu” (New England Cable News, 10/22/12)


In elections where voters have a choice of several candidates, and are allowed to vote for more than one, bullet voting for only one candidate reduces the number of votes for all the others while increasing the votes for the targeted one.



a political party that embraces a wide range of beliefs & backgrounds among its members rather than requiring strict adherence to ideology as a prerequisite for membership.

In the United States, during the latter half of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th, the Republican Party boasted membership of big business interests, laborers (both of whom supported the GOP’s tariff strategy) as well as many African-Americans, due to Republican Abraham Lincoln’s abolition of slavery and the party’s stance on civil rights.
Also, in the United States, a very good example of this approach was the New Deal coalition which formed in support of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal policies. This coalition brought together labor unions, southern Dixiecrats, progressives, and others in support of FDR’s economic program, even though these groups strongly disagreed on other issues.


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a political speech heavy on platitudinous political piety and short on sincere substance

BOMFOG is an acronym for “Brotherhood Of Man, under the Fatherhood Of God”, a quote from a 1941 radio broadcast by John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller used this phrase so frequently in his campaign speeches, that reporters began referring to his ‘BOMFOG speech’.

From The Rockefellers, in their own words… I Believe

In the news… Romney offers little beyond the same old platitudes


unwavering political party allegiance, either through force or choice


the amount by which a government’s annual expenditures exceed its annual tax revenues

Government budget deficits can be cured by cutting spending, raising taxes or a combination of the two. Deficits must be financed by borrowing money. Interest must be paid on borrowed funds, which increases the deficit.

In the news… U.S. budget deficit totals $974B through July (CBSNEWS.COM, 9/10/12)


the amount by which a government’s annual tax revenues exceed its annual expenditures

In the news… President Obama Sees First Budget Surplus Of Presidency


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The practice of combining several small contributions into one large contribution. Under current federal law, it is illegal for an individual to give more than $1,000 to a Presidential candidate per election Since that limit was first introduced in the 1970s, however, fund-raisers have tried to overcome it by the completely legal and widespread practice of “bundling.” Broadly it works like this: several $1,000 maximum contributions are solicited from, say, a corporation’s executives and their families, and the checks are sent to a candidate all together in a large “bundle.” While no individual has given more than the law allows, a lot of money has come from one place.

from Frontline: a citizen’s guide